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SEP 2014
Celebrating the Hellenic Journal’s Family of Donors

Dear Readers:

Once again, we celebrate and thank our Hellenic Journal readers and supporters, by sharing your names on the cover of this month’s HJ.

For almost four decades, the HJ has been the voice keeping the Hellenic spirit alive through informing and uniting our Greek American community. With the addition of the online edition of the HJ as well as its presence on Facebook and Twitter, our reach and voice continue to expand. From Greece to New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City to Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others, the HJ welcomes a family that is global.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated and vital as it provides the HJ with the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive in this fast-paced media world. Being a non-profit organization, the HJ is similar to other quality organizations such as arts organizations and Public Broadcasting Stations, depending heavily on financial pledges from the community at large.

You are always invited to join the HJ family throughout the year at or by emailing Each donation includes your annual subscription. With the holidays just around the corner, remember that the HJ makes a terrific gift, keeping your family and friends connected.

On behalf of the HJ Board of Directors and HJ Staff, we thank you again for your continued support and welcome you to the 2014-2015 HJ family!




YANNI tours latest release INSPIRATO in USA and Canada  Four years to complete the album; 30 years to write the music that inspired it; Includes stops in Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego

The beautiful instrumental melodies of internationally renowned composer Yanni have gained him over 40 platinum and gold albums throughout the world. Having finished the successful International leg of his World Tour 2014, last month Yanni launched his World Tour 2014 in the USA and Canada. His timeless compositions have been transformed by the addition of lyrics and tell the story of the loves of Yanni’s life.

Throughout the tour Yanni and his world-renowned orchestra played in 20 other countries and four continents, beginning in South America, and thrilling audiences around the globe with the best of the legendary composers’ music, which has been beloved around the world for over 30 years.

The USA and Canada leg of the tour began August 7, 2014 in Brooklyn and included performances in 25 cities throughout North America including  Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, Milwaukee, Seattle, Oakland and Los Angeles.

Yanni’s orchestra is made up of some of the most talented musicians and singers on the planet.                      Read current issue online for full article

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Hóhlax Trio
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