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SEP 2015

Celebrating the Hellenic Journal’s Family of Donors and its 40th year!

Dear Readers:

Once again, we celebrate and thank our Hellenic Journal readers and supporters, by sharing your names on the cover of this month’s HJ.

Thanks to founder Frank P. Agnost, for 40 years the HJ has been the voice keeping the Hellenic spirit alive through informing and uniting our Greek American community. With the HJ’s online presence on social media and its website, our reach and voice continue to expand. From Greece to New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City to Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others, the HJ welcomes a family that is global.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated and vital as it provides the HJ with the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive in this fast-paced media world. This year, we are particularly honored to recognize our 40 year history with some special reflection. We will continue to share the HJ’s history in the coming months as well.

You are always invited to join the HJ family throughout the year as each donation also includes your annual subscription. With the holidays just around the corner, remember that the HJ makes a terrific gift, keeping your family and friends connected.

On behalf of the HJ Board of Directors and HJ Staff, we thank you again for your continued support and welcome you to the 2015-2016 HJ family!




Tracing the Roots of the Hellenic Journal

By Giuliana Harris

In celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Hellenic Journal, we must look back in order to truly appreciate how far we have come. Forty years ago, the Hellenic Journal was founded by Frank P. Agnost, as a response to the invasion of Cyprus. Agnost saw the need for a means of communication between the States and Greece, to keep those that were stateside in the know. Prior to founding the HJ, Agnost worked for the San Francisco Chronicle in multiple prominent positions after World War II: as a reporter, then assistant foreign editor, and finally as an assistant to the publisher. During the 40s, he also wrote for the Greek paper Prometheus. In 1961, he opened Falcon Associates Inc., which is still in operation today by Agnost’s daughter Adrienne Verreos and her husband Nick. Falcon Associates Inc., is a firm dedicated to graphics, printing, and public relations.

Not only was Agnost a news aficionado, he also directed a number of political campaigns, including his son-in-law Nick Verreos’. According to Agnost’s daughter Adrienne, “He also handled the campaigns for Peter Tamaras, SF Supervisor, Judge S. Lee Vavuris, Senator Nick Petris, and his brother George Agnost for SF City Attorney.”

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