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DEC 2014


Dear Readers:

Once again, this month’s HJ offers you an opportunity to take time out from your busy schedule and receive the joyful messages from our Hellenic community.

In keeping with this annual tradition, many HJ readers share inspirational Holiday Greetings with you throughout the paper. It is the season of sharing, reflecting and celebrating with family and friends. This tradition is an extension of that spirit.

As I’ve remarked here over the years, you may spot a greeting from an old friend and be inspired to give them a call, send them an email, or drop them a card in the mail. We are reminded that these simple gestures are still appreciated. This HJ tradition also offers a unique voice and connection with one another throughout the season.

May you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!  

Ka la la la la, la la Christouyenna!




Los Angeles welcomes Consul General Gregory Karahalios

By Mavis Manus

Los Angeles welcomes its new Greek Consul General, Gregory Karahalios. A man with a warm, friendly manner, he has already attended several important Greek functions and has begun meeting members of the Greek community.

Born in Athens in 1961, he studied law at Rome University, and, after completing his military service, worked in Athens as a lawyer.  But after five years on the job, his curiosity about the world and a yearning for a more challenging life motivated him to take the exams for the diplomatic service.  He was posted to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Balkan Department,  before being sent to Ankara for four and a half years. “This was an interesting experience for me. I had to rethink many of my preconceived ideas, having found that feelings are often different from reality.”

His next post was Rome which was a country he understood and liked. He, of course, spoke Italian fluently and for the next four years it was like being at home.

Then he was assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens, where he served as of Head of Section at the A6 Department for Arab countries and Middle East, being responsible for Iran, Iraq, Gulf countries and Syria. “I was dealing with the world’s major players on extremely complicated issues. Again I found it important to gather facts, do the research, and be as neutral as it was possible,” he said.

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