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OCT 2014
Ecumenical Patriarchate, Preserving and Making History

Dear Readers:

Next month, The Ecumenical Patriarchate Today will be released in the United States. Authored by The Very Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis, the book invites you to sacred Greek Orthodox sites of Istanbul.

"This is an indispensable book for anyone wanting to explore the roots of the Christian faith and the sacred sites associated with it," writes author Marilyn Rouvelas. The critically acclaimed author of Hellenic Culture: A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America shares her review of this important contribution on page 6.

Mary K. Mousalimas was the founder and director of the Ascension Historical Society, a non-profit organization that has been committed to preserving the history of the Greek American community in Oakland, CA, and the greater SF Bay Area. She also saved the Church of the Assumption from demolition (please see page 10 for the complete story). 

Gianna Mousalimas, a high school senior in Tracy, CA, offers her personal story with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. This month she heads to a workshop in Los Angeles to meet with 10 State representatives. Next month, she it's Quantico, Virginia to the DEA Headquarters to make her presentation to the national youth board (see page 4).

Perhaps it's no coincidence that Mary’s life contributions should be shared in this issue of the HJ which also features the inspiring work of her young granddaughter Gianna. The family legacy of strong leadership and making history continues.




The Ecumenical Patriarchate Today: Sacred Greek Orthodox Sites of Istanbul by John Chryssavgis
Book Review by Marilyn Rouvelas

If you are traveling to Istanbul (Constantinople), The Ecumenical Patriarchate Today:  Sacred Greek Orthodox Sites of Istanbul must be in your suitcase. This is an indispensable book for anyone wanting to explore the roots of the Christian faith and the sacred sites associated with it. What is the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its relation to St. Constantine, the founder of Constantinople and first Christian emperor? What is the source of the holy oil for the Sacrament of Chrismation in the Orthodox Church? Where and when did the Church Fathers agree on the dual nature of Christ?  This handsome book will answer such questions and inspire you to add more days to your itinerary to see holy and sacred sites that will open your heart to the Christian history and fortitude in the now predominately Muslim country of Turkey.

The book itself invites you to Istanbul with its exquisite color and black and white photos of glorious icons, stunning church interiors and exteriors, maps, patriarchs and today’s dwindling Christian minority attending services. This could have been an oversized “coffee table” book, but the publisher wisely made it compact enough to take with you while sightseeing.                        Read current issue online for full article