Spyros Capralos, Maria Ntanou, Evan Pappas, Markos Papadatos‏, George Retelas

Greeks Who Tweet
Greeks Who Tweet
Spyros Capralos‏ @SpyrosCapralos

Proud to watch #TeamHellas entering the #PyeongChang Olympic Stadium first, as the tradition has it, at the Opening Ceremony athletes’ parade. It was cold, but our hearts were warm, watching athletes from all over the world coming together in peace! #powerofolympics


Greeks Who Tweet
Maria Ntanou‏ @maria_danou

Dreams come true when we chase them! Gazzetta.gr  bit.ly/2Cco1ex #teamhellas #hellas #mariantanou

Greeks Who Tweet
Evan Pappas‏ @TheEvanPappas

And it begins. The piece. This group. Everything. @alettertoharveymilk @adamhellernyc @ciminating… instagram.com/p/BeECceGFK02/

Greeks Who Tweet
Markos Papadatos‏ @powerjournalist

THANK YOU so MUCH for a great interview today @JordinSparks!!!! You Rock!!! Markos :)

Greeks Who Tweet
George Retelas‏ @GeorgeRetelas

Please remember our Heroes. #NASARemembers


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