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5 Greeks You Should Know
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The Tsoukatos Family: With two locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Zoë’s Chocolates is a family-run business by The Tsoukatos Family that has achieved national recognition for their hand-crafted and all-natural sweets. The Tsoukatos Family has a long-standing family history as chocolatiers. Zoë’s Chocolates is run by George Tsoukatos and his three children, Pantelis, Zoë, and Petros. Purchases can be made on their website or in stores, as they have a presence in a variety of locations, including Williams Sonoma and Whole Foods. In July 2017, the business received support and a partnership, from Marcus Lemonis on his television show The Profit on CNBC. With unique flavors that blend the “Mediterranean Heritage and classic American Flavors,” they have a full spread to choose from. Visit com for more information. Follow them on Instagram @zoeschocolates

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Gina Balourdas: Looking for a way to put some special Greek touches in your home? Gina Balourdas has just what you’re looking for. Balourdas is the owner of My Greek Home which features a variety of decorative items for your spiti! Catering to a multitude of items to grace your home, including: pillows, table runners, aprons, linens, towels, even jewelry, and much more. Darling examples, such as a kitchen towel with the print “It takes a χωριό” (It takes a village) or aprons with “When life gives you lemons, make avgolemono.” Gina Balourdas married into the Greek-American culture where she found inspiration for creating these heart-warming home goods. Per the official website, it’s been a collaborative effort with family and friends to create the pieces. For more information, visit net. Products are also available on Etsy, search under shops: My Greek Home. Follow on Instagram @my_greekhome

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Elizabeth Perkins: It feels like everybody’s talking about it these days… NBC’s breakout hit, This is Us, makes you laugh, cry, laugh, cry, and repeat. Elizabeth Perkins debuted in the series as Janet Malone, the mother of Rebecca, the Pearson Matriarch. The time traversing television series goes between the past, the present, and the future. Perkins is also famed for The Flintstones live-action film as Wilma Flintstone, Big with Philhellene Tom Hanks, Miracle on 34th Street, and much more.

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Tom Cherones: Director and producer, Tom Cherones, without a doubt contributed to television history. Per IMDb, he directed 81 episodes for Seinfeld between 1990 to 1998. In total, the series had 173 episodes, so being that Cherones directed 81 is extremely significant! Additionally, IMDb reports that he was a supervising producer on the series for 79 episodes. Along the lines of the Greek connection, fellow Greek-American Michael Chiklis performed in an episode of Seinfeld under Cherones’ direction, “The Stranded.” Other credits to Cherones’ name include supervising producer for Growing Pains, and directing credit for Desperate Housewives, to name just a few.

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Kelly Clarkson: Update on the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson… She is the newest judge on NBC’s The Voice! Last season, she made a guest appearance as a mentor, which surely had to be great practice for her current position where she is occupying one of the big red swivel chairs. Fall 2017 saw the release of Clarkson’s latest album, Meaning of Life, and in February the most recent single to be released was “I Don’t Think About You.” Another beautiful ballad with her incredible range and melisma. Brava Kelly!


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