AHC Meets With Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas

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Discussing the Region’s investment in tech, innovation and engaging the California diaspora

CULVER CITY, CA, October 3 – The American Hellenic Council of California welcomed the Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas accompanied by a delegation that included the Executive Secretary of the Region, Mr. Nikolaos Ioannou, the President of the Thessaloniki International Fair, Mr. Anastasios Tzikas and Advisor to the Governor, Mr. Kostas Befas. Participating from the AHC were Vice President of the Board, Eleftheria Polychronis, former President Dr. Menas Kafatos, Treasurer Alex Mizan, Board Members Theodore Polychronis and Zoi Palla and Executive Director, Christianna Kontou.

Following their visit to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the Governor visited Los Angeles citing the importance of forging a closer relationship between the Region of Central Macedonia and Los Angeles, with an emphasis on the film industry, investment and export of certified Macedonian products. Governor Tzitzikostas also underscored his personal and the Greek government’s commitment for Greeks abroad to be able to vote.

Mr. Tzikas added the addition of an ICT Fair following 2020’s Thessaloniki International Fair, which will focus on tech, where there is a high expectation of Californian presence.

“The Region of Central Macedonia has now surpassed all Greek regions in exports of Greek products and tourism, we are the only region in Greece with a Film Office, located in Thessaloniki, and we are also the only region with studios,” stated Governor Tzitzikostas. “The time for investment is now. The potential collaborations between Central Macedonia and Los Angeles-based business are endless,” he added. “The diaspora is vital to Greece and the new government wants to focus on that and facilitate the involvement of Greek aboard,” he closed.

(Left to Right) Anastasios Tzikas (President of TIF), Nikolaos Ioannou (Executive Secretary, Region of Central Macedonia), Dr. Menas Kafatos (Former President of AHC), Alex Mizan (Treasurer AHC), Christianna Kontou (Executive Director AHC), Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Eleftheria Polychronis (Vice President AHC), Theodore Polychronis (Board Member AHC), Christina Barouti (Office of Public Diplomacy, Greek Consulate), Kostas Befas (Advisor to Governor), Jay Tourgoutian. [Not Pictured: Zoi Palla (Board Member AHC)] [Photo Credit: Zoi Palla].

“Alongside advocating to Congress, cultivating stronger, more direct ties between California and Greece is one of the American Hellenic Council’s focal points,” commented Executive Director, Christianna Kontou. She added, “Greece is the gateway to Europe, Central Macedonia is a major tech hub in the Balkans, American entrepreneurism is key to growth, which means that collaboration will benefit both Greece and the United States on many levels.”

Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas showing the book of maps of Alexander the Great’s land (Photo Credit: Zoi Palla).

The meeting ended with Governor Tzitzikostas presenting the American Hellenic Council with a rare book of maps of Alexander the Great and Mr. Tzikas presenting a book of the eighty-year history of the Thessaloniki International Fair.

The American Hellenic Council is a non-partisan political advocacy organization. Our goal is to promote democracy, human rights, peace, and stability in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Greece and Cyprus, by informing the American public and the government about on-going issues and conflicts in the area.

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