“All For One” in the 41st Folk Dance and Choral Festival, FDF 2017


SAN DIEGO – The 41st Folk Dance and Choral Festival (FDF 2017) a four day celebration of Faith, Dance and Fellowship of the Metropolis of San Francisco, culminated Feb. 19, 2017 with the Archieratical Divine Liturgy in the morning, the Finals of the Advance Senior Division and the Awards Ceremony, all taking place at Town and Country Resort Hotel in San Diego. VS.

Archbishop Demetrios presided over the Divine Liturgy Sunday morning, with more than 20 priests of the Metropolis of San Francisco concelebrating. Metropolitan Gerasimos and Bishop Apostolos of Medeia, the chancellor of the Metropolis, were attending in prayer. Also in attendance was the Consul General of Greece in Los Angeles, Gregory Karahalios.

Photo: © GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

The Archbishop noted the record number of 30 altar boys serving during the Liturgy, and recognized all of them by name at the end of the service. Following the Divine Liturgy a memorial service was chanted for Metropolitan Anthony of blessed memory, departed clergy of the Metropolis and founders of FDF.

The Advanced Senior Finals took place in the afternoon. Seven finalist groups performed suites of dances around a theme, or a particular geographic region or village of Greece while singing simultaneously. The performances are judged on execution, authenticity, costumes, choral and musical standards.

Photo: © GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

“FDF is a tapestry of all of you since the time it was created 41 years ago. It will be here through my time, your time and then some,” said Metropolitan Gerasimos to the 4,000 people attending the formal Awards Ceremony concluding the FDF weekend. The Metropolitan spoke to the youth participants on the meaning of “All for One” the theme of this year’s festival. “It is for one family, one body of Christ, one Greek Orthodox faith, it means one heritage as a most precious gift from all those who came before you,” he said and added that the weekend of FDF was “a display of unity, creativity and Christian love.”

His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in a video message to FDF conveyed his love and the care of the Mother Church of Constantinople for this important youth ministry of the Metropolis of San Francisco.

“This was an explosion of youth activity that combined beauty, faith, method and dedication in a way that produced excellence,” said Archbishop Demetrios, who attended all the events and competitions for three and a half days. “Nothing we have seen elsewhere, in terms of dancing of every kind, compares to what we experienced in FDF,” he added noting that Folk Dance Festival is “a unique event of vitality, art, comradery, fellowship, faith, order and great joy.”

Photo: © GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

During the evening Awards Ceremony the Metropolis of San Francisco bestowed the Metropolitan Anthony Humanitarian Award 2017 to Archon George and his wife Vickie Demos of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary in Long Beach, Calif. Also the 2017 Elios Award of Excellence was presented to Gary Vrionis of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in San Francisco.

The semi-final competitions in the two divisions and the various category levels were held on Friday and most final performances took place on Saturday. The organization of this annual event is exemplary, the participation is impressive in numbers and enthusiasm and the ethos of love and cooperation apparent. FDF, now in its 41st year has reached a new level of success under the guidance of His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco who guides a tireless team of volunteers and a management team led by FDF’s Board chairman Fr. Gary Kyriacou.

Photo: © GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

A total of 4,000 people were in attendance, 2,500 of which were participants in the various groups and approximately another 1,500 people comprised of family members, friends and spectators from the various parishes of the Metropolis. More than 80 groups participated from more than 40 parishes of the Metropolis. It is the largest gathering of Greek-Orthodox young people in the United States and arguably the largest youth festival of traditional Greek dancing in the world.

A complete listing of the winners can be found at http://hellenicjourna.wpengine.com/fdf-2017-winners/ and at the FDF website: www.yourfdf.org. For more photos from FDF 2017 visit: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUDXpeX


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