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5 Greeks You Should Know
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Evan Spiliotopoulos: If anyone knows how to reimagine fairytales and mythological tales, it is Evan Spiliotopoulos. The writer and producer has had his name on some of the most successful, and beautiful, films in the last few years. Most recently, Spiliotopoulos wrote the screenplay for Disney’s live action film of Beauty and the Beast. Other writing credits of Spiliotopoulos’ include The Huntsman: Winter’s War by Universal Pictures (the film follows characters from the original fairytales of Snow White and The Snow Queen), Hercules through Paramount Pictures which featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the titular role, and many other credits with Disney.

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Tonia Sotiropoulou: When Evan Spiliotopoulos wrote the screenplay for Hercules in 2014, he was not the only Greek involved in the production! Tonia Sotiropoulou played one of the vixens in the film, what a treat to be a part of telling the stories of the Ancient Greek culture. Of special note, Sotiropoulou is also credited with being the first Greek Bond girl, as she played Bond’s lover in 2012’s Her upcoming project is titled Everything is Wonderful, playing the role of Maria. Follow her on Instagram @toniasotiropoulou

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John Kapelos: Many know and love The Breakfast Club. Remember the character Carl the Janitor? Of course, you do! Played by John Kapelos, Carl provides wisdom and thought to this 1985 classic. In an interview aired by Fandango, Kapelos spoke of how he was isolated from the cast while filming to achieve the distanced relationship he had on-screen with the students. Kapelos also played Dewie in Legally Blonde and has had many other film and television roles. Up next, he is playing Mr. Arzounian in The Shape of Water. Check out his comedy and satire Podcast, Lingua Franca.

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Alex Papachristidis: Parsons School of Design alum Alex Papachristidis brings his eye and attention to detail to interior design. Based in New York, he owns Alex Papachristidis Interiors. This year he received the honor of making Elle magazine’s Décor A-List, as well as Architectural Design’s AD100 list of 2017! He has made appearances on The Today Show. Papachristidis also authored/released a book, The Age of Elegance, available on Amazon. Follow him on Instagram @alexsviewpoint

For more information, check out his website and beautiful work at www.alexpapachristidis.com.

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Angelo Tsarouchas: Surely many of you already know the comedian Angelo Tsarouchas, however, did you know he just released an hour-long comedy special on iTunes? Wait, it gets better – titled A Night in Athens, Tsarouchas performs in the place of his heritage. Many were lucky to have the chance to see him perform this year at the Greek Orthodox Dance & Choral Festival in San Diego, CA. Ready to laugh? Hurry and download the special on iTunes now! Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @bigangcomic For more info, visit his official website tsarouchas.com.


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