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5 Greeks You Should Know

5 Greeks You Should Know About: Fall Favorites

By Giuliana Harris

Alas, Fall is in full force. The air is crisper, the leaves are changing colors, and the desire to be bundled up and cozy sets in daily as winter patiently awaits. With the fall feels setting in, this round of 5 Greeks features a few “Fall Favorites” that are fully Greek or Greek-inspired. They may be things you can have year-round, but there is something extra special about them in the Fall.S

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Moussaka: Since the temperatures tend to drop in the fall, there’s nothing like a hot dish of moussaka to feed your tummy and soul. Eggplants are popular from summer to fall, so what better time to bake some moussaka. Warm up your autumn night with some moussaka for dinner and revel in the richness of the flavors.

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Kafe Me Kanela (Coffee With Cinnamon): Fall typically denotes the tastes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. With that, it seems only fitting to make Kafe Me Kanela! Sprinkle a hint of kanela/cinnamon in your morning coffee at home. Cinnamon is a spice we often find in our Greek recipes. My thea/aunt inspired me to try cinnamon in my coffee, and I haven’t looked back. Either way, you get the taste of fall and Greek together.

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Briam: Another delicious hot dish to warm up to! Briam can be done with tomatoes, zucchinis, potatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants, but get creative and make it with your favorite veggies.

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Youvarlakia: I grew up with Youvarlakia and the avgolemono sauce as a staple in my family during the fall (okay, and winter too). I could always count on my Yiayia to have it on the stove and served at the trapezi/table for dinner. It is a perfect twist of flavors between the meatballs, rice, lemon, and seasonings.

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Stifado: Lastly, nothing says fall like stifado/stew. The flavors, and the marinade of the meats and veggies is sure to set you in the spirit of fall.


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