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5 Greeks You Should Know
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George Kotsiopoulos: Need help putting your outfit together? Quick, call the Fashion Police! George Kotsiopoulos was on E!’s Fashion Police program from 2010-2015 and still helps make the fashion world go ‘round. On social media, he keeps it fun and blogs about “#StyleStandouts” from celebrities’ recent outfits. Most recently Kotsiopoulos styled James Franco, Sam Rockwell, Gary Oldman, John Boyega, Willem Dafoe, and Tom Hanks for The Hollywood Reporter. Previous credits include corresponding for E! News and appearing on multiple talk-shows and other programs sharing his style tips. For fashion inspiration, follow him on Instagram & Twitter @georgekotsi

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Vicky Vlachonis: Hailing from Athens, GR, Vicky Vlachonis is an osteopath who focuses on chronic pain management. She has worked with a variety of people, including cast members of The Lion King on West End (the equivalent to Broadway in London) and dancers from The Royal Ballet. Vlachonis has her own practice, which she has operated since 2001 and she has also authored a book. Her book is available on Amazon, titled The Body Doesn’t Lie: A 3-Step Program to End Chronic Pain and Become Positively Radiant. Check her website for speaking engagements and her blog as well. For more information, visit and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @VickyVlachonis

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Nick Galifianakis: Now that name is familiar isn’t it? Nick Galifianakis is a well-known cartoonist and artist. But did you know that he is first cousins with actor/comedian Zach Galifianakis, of The Hangover fame? Perhaps it can then be said that a great sense of humor is genetic! Nick Galifianakis’ current work can be seen in The Washington Post for the Carolyn Hax advice column. Other syndications included. Galifianakis has also won many awards for his work. For a look at his cartoons, visit

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Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks: This Greek has gone “green.” In a day and age where being eco-friendly is more important than ever, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks is the President and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. In the “about” section of their website, it reads “Family owned and operated since 1967, we are a team of mothers, fathers, chemists, visionaries and pioneers who passionately uphold the idea that everyone should have access to delightful, affordable cleaning products.” Last year, Vlahakis-Hanks was awarded the Orange County Business Journal’s 2016 Women in Business Award, among others. In October, she received the School and College Distinguished Alumni Award from Chapman University. In 2016, she also celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary with several events throughout the country culminating in Greece for the finale. For more information about the products, visit

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Napoleon Perdis: Make-up artist extraordinaire, Napoleon Perdis of Australia, has developed a line of cosmetics and skincare that have seen much success. Perdis has been in the industry for over 20 years and is dedicated to creating innovative products and the best in customer service. An impressive bio, he’s won awards, been a part of Fashion Weeks, and even had his own reality show on TLS where he looked for protégés to help expand his business in America. Perdis also offers educational resources, such as certificates, courses, and workshops through the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy. For more information, visit Follow on Instagram @napoleonperdis


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