George Stephanopoulos, Worldwide Greeks, Peter Diamandis, Andrea Dukakis, Phil Angelides

Greeks Who Tweet
Greeks Who Tweet
George Stephanopoulos‏ | @GStephanopoulos

Papadopoulos’ fiancee: “He feels he’s doing something big for his country now that he decided to cooperate with the government.”  @ABC

Greeks Who Tweet
Worldwide Greeks | ‏@worldwidegreeks

What to Do in the Kolonaki Neighborhood of Athens …

Greeks Who Tweet
Peter Diamandis‏ | @PeterDiamandis

By 2050, two-thirds of the population, more than 6 billion people, are expected to live in urbanized areas. To me, one thing is crystal clear: the future of cities is an exciting place for innovation and disruption. 

Greeks Who Tweet
Andrea Dukakis | @adukakis

In a divided country, can people who have nothing in common politically understand each other?


Greeks Who Tweet
Phil Angelides | @PhilAngelides

History has proven that unfettered deregulation of Wall Street comes to no good end. If we don’t rise up, we will pay a dear price.


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