Elizabeth Grillos, Padis Vineyards, Achilleas Fourakis, Giannis Antetokounmpo‏, Kelly Vlahakis

Greeks Who Tweet
Greeks Who Tweet
Elizabeth Grillos |‏ @emgrillos

honored to be attending Sky Ball XV in Dallas this weekend first event Medal of Honor Patriot Ball #travelgirl2017 #ThankYouForYourService

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Padis Vineyards |‏ @PadisVineyards

The love in the air is thicker than the smoke Padis Vineyards still stands despite being surrounded on three sides thanks to the heroic and tireless efforts by our first responders… bit.ly/2ywAloV

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Achilleas Fourakis‏ | @AchilleasHeel

‘To mourn is to celebrate life’ Γεια σου παππού με την καταπληκτική ζωή σου…

Greeks Who Tweet
Giannis Antetokounmpo‏ | @Giannis_An34

Family. Loyalty. Legacy. Excited to announce my long-term partnership with @NikeBasketball #FamilyOverEverything @Thanasis_ante43

Greeks Who Tweet
Kelly Vlahakis‏ | @Kvlahakis

Kelly Vlahakis Retweeted EarthFriendlyProduct

I’m proud to say that most of our products are @EPA Safer Choice-certified and twice selected Safer Choice Partner of the Year. #EPASaferChoice


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