Konstantine “Dean” Karnazes’ road to Sparta

Konstantine “Dean” Karnazes’ road to Sparta

Famed ultramarathoner relives ancient battle and epic run that inspired the world’s greatest footrace


The Road to Sparta chronicles three different stories interwoven into one seamless narrative. Famed ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes explores his own Greek ancestry while consulting with the foremost scholars on Ancient Greece to tell the story of the world’s first marathon, all while recreating the historic 153-mile run from Athens to Sparta in one of the most difficult ultraraces in the world—the Spartathlon. The book is slated to be released on October 25, 2016.

In 490 BCE Pheidippides ran for 36 hours nonstop from Athens to Sparta to seek help in defending Athens from a Persian invasion in the Battle of Marathon. Pheidippides was hailed a hero for saving the development of Western civilization, and his run stands enduringly as one of the greatest physical accomplishments in history.

Karnazes personally honors both Pheidippides and his own Greek heritage by completing the treacherous course and describing it in gripping detail. He reenacts the ancient run by abstaining from contemporary endurance nutrition and eating and drinking only what was available in 490 BCE such as figs, olives, sesame paste, cured meats, and plain water. Through vivid description and internal dialogue, The Road to Sparta offers a rare glimpse in the mindset and motivation of an extreme athlete during his most difficult and personal challenge to date. Karnazes includes tales of the people and places he encounters on his epic journey, while detailing the emotional and physical pain he endures. This intimate and stirring account is sure to captivate and inspire readers whether they run great distances or not at all.

About the author
Dean Karnazes was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Among his many accomplishments as an internationally recognized endurance athlete, he has raced on all seven continents, finished a 135-mile ultramarathon across Death Valley in 120-degree temperatures, and completed a marathon to the South Pole in minus-40-degree conditions. In 2006, he ran 50 marathons, in all 50 U.S. states, in 50 consecutive days. A New York Times bestselling author, his first book Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, was the number 7 bestselling sports book worldwide in 2005, and it has since been translated into dozens of languages. For his appearance schedule and to purchase The Road to Sparta, visit ultramarathonman.com.


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