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News Release on Behalf of the Sacramento Greek School Program

This year, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco sponsored a competition for members of all the Greek School Programs. The Hellenic Education and Cultural Committee (HECC) oversaw the organization of the competition and, this year, the awards ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross in Belmont, CA.

There were five categories in the competition: 1) writing, 2) music, 3) film, 4) photography, and 5) painting/arts and crafts/sculpture. The various categories ensured that students of all ages could participate in the competition. Submissions were received from parishes in Los Angeles, Oakland, Belmont, San Jose, and Sacramento. The judges were prominent professors from UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Twelve awards were given for the various categories, and six of these were given to our Sacramento Greek School Program.

Sacramento received first place in writing, music, film, and photography, while also getting second place in writing and photography.

The music submission was organized by Dr. Eleftheria Arapoglou and Orestis Koletsos for their Wednesday evening Ellinomatheia classes.

The video submission was overseen by Grammatoula Zioga-Delis in her A2 Thursday evening class and also received first place. This was a very competitive category and we are pleased to see that she received top honors for the video.

The photography submissions were also successful. Dr. Katerina Lagos’ A1 class on Wednesday received first place for their photo.

The second-place award for photography was given to Vassiliki Kotsiopoulou’s A1 class on Thursday evening.

Congratulations to all of the students in the Greek School Program for their success in the Three Hierarchs Competition! The Greek School Program has been enjoying a successful year and the number of awards given to the classes and individual students highlight student success. As well, the program was officially designated as an Ellinomatheia testing center and it is with great pleasure that we welcome individuals from all over the Northern California region to come and take the modern Greek Language proficiency exams (A1, A2, B1, B2, Γ1, Γ2) in the Annunciation Hellenic Center of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Sacramento, CA. For anyone interested in registering for the exam, please contact Dr. Katerina Lagos at

On behalf of the entire Greek School Program administration, it is a joy to see our children continue to achieve success!

For more information on the awards that the Sacramento Greek School Program won, please visit

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