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Athens, 16 May 2019

Innovative research at universities and research centers in Cyprus that

have promising commercial applications will benefit from a $120,000

donation made by The Hellenic Initiative (THI) to the Cyprus Seeds

funding program.

THI’s grant supports Cyprus Seeds’ efforts to help these research

projects mature to a stage that can attract venture capital and funding.

THI’s help will not be limited to the donation of $120.000, as the

organization will also be actively participating in the program by offering

mentorship and networking services.

Cyprus Seeds is the first initiative in Cyprus to be supported by THI,

which seeks to fund research in Cyprus in any area and field provided it

has the potential to be commercialized. The funds and services to be

offered will aim to reduce uncertainty so that an external party would

invest in the technology being developed. At the end of the 12-month

funding period, in June 2020, Cyprus Seeds will organize a Demo Day,

where the teams of entrepreneurs to be supported will pitch in front of

investors, business angels, and venture capital funds in order to attract

private funding for their business ventures.

Cyprus Seeds is a nonprofit organization set up in July 2018 to support

the commercialization of academic research in Cyprus through the

provision of pre-seed funding (in the form of grants), mentoring,

business skills education, and networking with potential investors in the

USA. Cyprus Seeds is also actively supported, with mentoring and

networking services, by a number of Greek-American entrepreneurs and

the Cypriot Diaspora in the USA.

Cyprus Seeds recently announced a Competition Call for all the

Universities and research centers in Cyprus, and it has already received

many applications.

Jeremy Downward, THI’s Board Member stated: “Universities and

research organizations have a vital role to play in the Cypriot economy

and Cyprus Seeds is engaging with them, as well as with the broader

business community, to help commercialize the island’s best and most

innovative research, through grants, training and networking.”

Michael Printzos, THI’s Program Director stated: “Our support towards

Cyprus Seeds marks a very special moment in THI’s history. For the first

time in the course of our work we are supporting an organization in

Cyprus and we are pleased that this is happening with a great initiative

like Cyprus Seeds. We firmly believe that assisting projects which focus

on research boosts youth entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Maria Georgiadou, Cyprus Seeds’ Managing Director stated: “We are

grateful to The Hellenic Initiative for its support to our Program. Cyprus

Seeds aspires to be an important step in creating a sustainable

ecosystem around the universities and research institutions and it’s vital

for us to have strong partners with whom we share the same vision.”

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