News Release: U.H.A.S.’ Reorganization

News Release on Behalf of the United Hellenic American Society of California (U.H.A.S. – Hellenic Federation)

United Hellenic American Societies’ Reorganization

The third Reorganization U.H.A.S. Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2019, 11:00 AM at Holy Trinity Church Community Center, in San Francisco, CA.

The Agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome by U.H.A.S. Interim President Jim Vorrises
  • Everyone present will be asked to introduce themselves, so that everyone in Assembly will know who is present
  • Minutes of Saturday, May 18, 2019 Meeting by Joan Rinde, Interim Secretary / Treasurer
  • Treasurer’s Report by Joan Rinde, Interim Secretary / Treasurer
  • Important Updates and Remarks by our Legal Advocate Attorney Peter Bagatelos
  • Vital Discussion of whether the United Hellenic American Societies (U.H.A.S.) is still viable
  • Planning of next meeting
  • Closing of Meeting

This meeting is open to everyone that has or has had an interest in the UNITED HELLENIC AMERICAN SOCIETIES organization. As Interim President, I have decided that all persons of the Hellenic Community, whether they have been official U.H.A.S. representatives, or not, are welcomed to attend to discuss this meeting to discuss the future of U.H.A.S.

On behalf of U.H.A.S. I take this opportunity to thank my associates Joan Rinde (Interim Secretary/Treasurer) and Peter Bagatelos (Attorney & Legal Advocate), who have worked closely and diligently with me, and who have expended much personal time and effort.   

Thank you,

James D. Vorrises

Interim President

United Hellenic American Societies

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