News Release on Behalf of the United Hellenic American Society of California (Hellenic Federation)

Dear friends,

In follow-up to many requests that UHAS – United Hellenic American Society of California, also known as Hellenic Federation, be reorganized to continue its many decades work for the Greek and Greek-American people of Northern California, as the ranking officer of Vice President, on behalf of the UHAS Board, I am inviting all of you to attend a Reorganization Meeting on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11:00 AM in the large Meeting Room in the Holy Trinity Church Community Center, the Gymnasium, in San Francisco, CA to hold a VERY IMPORTANT meeting.

Since there have not been DUES collected for two to three years, I have decided that EVERYONE who has either been a Representative to UHAS representing 1 of the 35 Greek-American Organizations in Northern California is INVITED and WELCOMED to this important meeting to continue the important Mission of UHAS.

To summarize, as all of you must know by now, the President Ted Laliotis, passed on to Heaven about four months ago. He was a very vital member and leader of our UHAS. He was president for approximately 10 years. While in recent years UHAS had taken a prolonged recess, prior to this for about eight years, UHAS was very prominent in several ways, under the leadership of President Ted Laliotis, and to list a few:

  • Organized and presented various programs to acknowledge Greek Independence Day each year on March 25th
  • Recognized in various ways OXI Day on October 28th of each year.
  • Organized the successful Greek Independence Day Parade that marched on Market Street in San Francisco. As you recall the first two to three years, the parade looked more like a moving protest and a group of people walking down Market Street for two miles. However, on the fourth year and for five years after, it was a TRUE PARADE, with Marching Bands, Greek Dance Groups Performing, Parade Floats, a Review Stand in front of the ornate San Francisco City Hall, and many other features. While we all participated, none of us put nearly the amount of effort that Ted did. He would raise funds, get City Permits, arrange for Police Presence, reimburse some of the marching units, etc. Ted was able to accomplish what former Mayor George Christopher of San Francisco had done many years before, when during his administration there were Greek Parades.
  • Organized various musical events with very famous Greek performers at various impressive San Francisco venues. It is probably not widely known, but many of these well-known performers from Greece are very expensive events to hold, and even with the receipts from charging up to 1,000 guests, there were times when the receipts did not cover the expenses, and Ted personally covered the deficit with his own funds, sometimes, many thousands of dollars.

The Agenda for Saturday, March 16th, 2019

  • Welcome
  • Discuss a way to honor President Laliotis, in some way, maybe an annual award such as the “Ted Laliotis Community Award” to be presented to someone of Greek or Greek-American heritage
  • Hold Elections for all the UHAS Officers.

Please be advised that after 10 years, as your UHAS Vice President, I will NOT accept an elected position, but I will continue to represent HAPS or Zakynthian Brotherhood at future UHAS Meetings.

All of you are invited, and if you are aware of any other current or former members, please extend this invocation to them also.

​The rest of the current UHAS Board and I are looking forward to your attendance and participation at this very important UHAS Reorganization Meeting, on March 16, 2019, at 11:00 AM at Holy Trinity Church Community Center in San Francisco, CA.

I would appreciate feedback by e-mail (


James D. Vorrises

UHAS Vice President

Phone: 650-464-1616



Hellenic Federation of Northern California: United Hellenic American Societies (UHAS) – Mission

The mission of this Federation is to promote, preserve and protect the Hellenic culture, Hellenic heritage, as well as the principles and ideas of Hellenism.
To achieve this mission, the Federation will strive to: encourage strong Hellenic-American relations; promote cultural activities; promote educational activities and events among the Hellenic-American community; and defend Hellenism when the occasion requires it.

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