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A year ago www.Ellinopoula.com started out with a very ambitious goal: To help children learn Greek through entertaining and fun methods such as educational games, videos, quizzes, and all kinds of interactive activities. We want every child of the Diaspora to learn Greek!!

Why? Oh! There are so many reasons but let’s start with some fundamentals.

Intelligence: Yes, there are many studies which prove that learning another language makes children smarter and helps them greatly later in life; especially in their ability to solve problems. Greek specifically is the oldest spoken language in the world. It is a rich and precise language. One third of the words in the English language have Greek roots.

Pride: Philosophy, Democracy, Architecture, Theater were all born in Greece. Some people may say that you cannot stay in the past. What has Modern Greece contributed to the world? Oh! How ignorant those who claim such are! Today’s many Greek professors teach at some of the most prestigious American universities and their accomplishments in research are many. Modern Greece has produced many stars in poetry, mathematics, medicine, scientific research and so on and so on… and two Nobel poets, Seferis and Elytis. Not bad for a small country.

Love: Love for Greece, love for its timeless history, love for its beauty and love for those whom we have left behind and who struggled and struggled to help us. Above all, love for parents and grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, love for pappou and yiayia. We show our respect and love not with words but with actions. Our children being able to communicate with them in Greek, bring tears to their eyes, filling their hearts and letting them know that all of their labors were not for naught.

Soul: Yes, soul!! The Greek language has soul. In which other language will you find besides Καλή Μέρα, Καλή Εβδομάδα, Καλό Μήνα, Καλό Φθινόπωρο, Καλό Χειμώνα!! In which other language will you find Φ Ι Λ Ο Τ Ι Μ Ο!!!

Speaking of philotimo, it is our Greek philotimo which is guiding us in our actions to maintain and spread the Greek language and heritage and that’s the goal of the www.ellinopoula.com project. To make learning Greek a bit easier and fun. No child wants to learn anything extra, no child knows what is best for him or her but www.ellinopoula.com makes the difficult task a bit easier. Try it! The first month is free and there are no contracts or obligations. If you use the promo code HJRNL you will receive a 20% discount off the first year.





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