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5 Greeks You Should Know

5 Greeks You Should Know About: Social Media Style

By Giuliana Harris

Social Media has so many great pages to follow these days: cooking, sports, fashion, entertainment, you name it… there really is something for everyone. With that, each account comes with its own style. There are plenty of great social media accounts that feature fun Greek-related content. This month’s edition of 5 Greeks features 5 social media accounts that highlight the various aspects of our beautiful Greek culture. Take a look and give these pages a FOLLOW!

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#1 The Greekend ~ @thegreekend: Looking for parea? Look no further than The Greekend. On Instagram, The Greekend is the go-to hub for connecting with fellow Greek-Americans and finding out “where the parea is at.” Their posts are filled with social content that is submitted to them by young adults of the Greek-American community at large. That means you’ll find photos of social promotions and social gatherings from the West Coast to the East Coast, and the in-between. Per their official website (, they are described as the following: “The Greekend was created in 2019 as a ‘bulletin board’ network of Greek American events throughout the US. Our mission is to inform Greek American young adults of all Greek American events happening throughout the US.” To get extra social on social media, follow them on Instagram @thegreekend

[Photo Courtesy of @thegreekend]

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#2 Greek Concert Status ~ @greek_concert_status: It’s more than a big deal when a Greek artist comes to the US and gives a concert. Greek Concert Status has become the site to not only get your tickets for Greek Concerts in the States, but to view calendar listings of where and when they are taking place.  From Glykeria to Master Tempo, Greek Concert Status has it covered. Follow them on Instagram @greek_concert_status

[Photo Courtesy of @greek_concert_status]

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#3 National Hellenic Museum ~ @hellenicmuseum: If you’ve happened upon the Instagram of The National Hellenic Museum, then certainly you have found a treasure trove of history. Preserving the Greek culture, the National Hellenic Museum posts great photos of archives, exhibits, and more. Historical facts and notes are included with the posts, offering viewers a window into their museum virtually. In fact, in May 2019, they shared a stunning photo of Opera legend Maria Callas, announcing their latest archive collection of material on Callas. Though the Museum is based in Chicago, IL, it only takes a quick “Follow” to be immersed in their archives. Follow them on Instagram @hellenicmuseum

[Photo Courtesy of @hellenicmuseum]

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Photo Courtesy of @Greece

[Photo Courtesy of @greekboston]

#4 Picturesque Greece: Readers, we’ve got a 3-for-1 here because there’s so much gorgeousness being shared on these three accounts. When you need a vacation, but you can’t actually take one…Visiting any of the following Instagram accounts is the next best thing! There’s @Greece, @worldwidegreeks, and @greekboston. On the daily, all three of these accounts share photos of the pristine blue waters, the Islands, historical landmarks, and much more. Special fact about @Greece: it’s primarily user-generated which means you can submit your own personal photos to the account from exploring and visiting Greece in hopes that @Greece will share it. Meanwhile @worldwidegreeks and @greekboston, a collaborative brand, both share “Photos of the Day” for your Grecian-inspo. Enjoy the vibrant colors and take a quick vacay! Follow all three on Instagram @Greece || @worldwidegreeks and @greekboston

[Photos Courtesy of @Greece and @greekboston]

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#5 Greek Food Imports ~ Sharing delicious photos of their in-house traditional Greek Foods and imported items, Greek Food Imports has got your newsfeed covered with savory snapshots. Located in Sacramento, CA, the store has retail for import items and a deli with fresh dishes such as gyros, moussaka, and so forth. Their feed is full of delectable dishes. Proceed with caution: you may become hungry by looking at their photos. Kali Orexi! Follow them on Instagram


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