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5 Greeks You Should Know

By Giuliana Harris

Summer is in the air and for most, it brings up plenty of fun and relaxation. While taking advantage of your summer days, this edition of 5 Greeks focuses on a few “summer favorites” to incorporate into your kalokairi: snacks, accessories, and beverages.

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Watermelon/Feta Salad: Refreshing, light yet hearty, and delectable… A little mint or basil tossed in for that extra accent – what a marriage of tastes. Easily made from home, or it can be found in Greek restaurants such as Kokkari in San Francisco, CA, it’s high up on the list of favorite summer snacks.

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Frappé: Grab your instant coffee and shake it up! It’s the essential drink on a warm day when you need to cool down, and you still need the caffeine boost. You’ve got a variety of ways of frothing it for yourself, by hand with a shaker or with a hand-mixer.

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Loux: Beverages galore. Available in many different flavors and styles such as juices, soft drinks, and iced teas, if you aren’t one for iced coffees, perhaps a Loux beverage may be right up your alley. Delicious and appealing to the eye!

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Tolmee: If you aren’t going to Greece this summer, but still want the Greek flair, and an opportunity to support Greece from afar, look no further than Tolmee. They showcase a variety of designers from Greece who make products spanning from accessories, games, jewelry, clothing, and much, much more. Tons of great items for a day at the beach. Just to highlight a few summer items, tote bags by the two designers When in Greece and 3QUARTERS offer a great selection for a carry-all on beach days! Visit

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Greek Frozen Yogurt: The latest trend takes tradition and innovation. While FroYo tends to be a hit all year round, it’s especially loved in warm weather. If you’re up for trying to make it at home, there are plenty of recipes available online instructing how to DIY (do it yourself). Or, you can always check the frozen aisle in your local grocery store and check out the options of frozen Greek yogurt sweet treats!


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