The American College of Greece: Opportunity Abroad Awaits

Study Abroad. The semester students so often look forward to. A chance to leave their familiar campus and the country they call home, to venture out to a world of new experiences. When one thinks of the roots of education, quite often, Ancient Greece comes to mind. Taking this into consideration, an amazing opportunity awaits… why not study abroad there? The American College of Greece (ACG) is just the place.

If study abroad is not enough for you, and you want the full experience of doing all of your collegiate experience abroad, you can apply for that as well. ACG has three campus divisions: Deree (undergraduate), the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and ALBA Graduate Business School.

The American College of Greece President Dr. David Horner, North American Admissions Counselor and Recruiter Mary Diamantidis, and ACG Vice President of Administration and Enrollment Dr. Dimitris Andreou            COURTESY PHOTO


In speaking with Mary Diamantidis, the North American Admissions Counselor and Recruiter, she spoke beautifully to the experience of being an ACG student because she is an alum. Hailing from Northern California, Mary transferred from Fordham University to ACG in her junior year. In her time at Fordham, she was a Division I Volleyball Scholarship Athlete and Student. She continued volleyball on scholarship in Greece, and graduated with her Bachelors in Communications and Advertising from Deree through ACG in 2015. Shortly after, she became an admissions counselor and recruiter.

The American College of Greece

ACG has nearly 2,800 undergraduate students from 67 countries, and the school is 85 percent Greek. There are six graduate programs, with around 220 graduate students. The study abroad program brings in over 1,000 students between the U.S. and other countries around the world. ACG is accredited by NEASC and has 27 major programs and 41 minor programs for undergraduates. Scholarships are available for students. Merit scholarships are offered to students with 3.4 GPA and above and can receive between 25-50 percent off of tuition. To maintain the scholarship, students must hold a 3.0 GPA throughout their studies.

Athletic teams are also eligible for rewards and must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Teams that are eligible include: women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and men’s soccer.

For the athletically inclined, there are plenty of options. There are eight intercollegiate teams that play on local and international levels, as well as 10 intramural teams. Outdoor recreation programs are also offered with activities such as hiking, rafting, scuba, skiing, and many more.

“A study abroad student at ACG gets to spend a memorable semester or summer session just outside the historic, and beautiful, city of Athens,” said Mary. “Students stay in one of our four apartment style resident buildings, which are a short walk from campus and take part in courses with the rest of the ACG student body.”

Beyond the classroom, there are trips that venture out to either Hydra, Napflion, and the ruins of Delphi, dependent upon the season. There are also programs to help study abroad students bond and assimilate, such as ACG Buddies and the Philoxenia program. In explaining the Philoxenia program, Mary stated, “…the study abroad students can immerse themselves in the culture and become part of the ACG family, talking to full time students there.” Students can also travel on the weekends to the surrounding countries or other parts of Greece. There is also an international student services team that “helps with the new adjustment and getting settled into the new country.”

Clubs and organizations are a fantastic way to get out and meet students in the community too. In detailing ACG’s extracurricular programs, Mary said, “we have over 50 student run clubs, organizations, and societies. Most of our majors have their own society in which students can run for leadership positions within it. Like music society, management… that kind of thing. There are also clubs that do community service… Organizations like Deree ambassadors that get to travel to other countries promoting ACG.” She continues, “…all of our organizations hold various events and fundraisers, they have the possibility to win awards at the end of school awards ceremony. We have a club fair too, where any one can come and sign up for clubs.” There is truly something for everyone at ACG.

The College also has a plethora of artistic opportunities. Between music concerts and theatrical productions, the arts are thriving at ACG. Productions vary between classical and modern, with many performances being student-run productions. “They are really open to student productions,” says Mary.

A special and exciting fact about the campus? It was the U.S. Olympic Committee’s High Performance Training Center for the 2004 Olympic Games! “Our resident buildings were built for the U.S. Olympic athletes of the 2004 Olympic Games, and some of the press. The athletes used our basketball, gym, pool, and track in order to train for the games. We are proud to state that Michael Phelps trained consistently in our Olympic sized swimming pool at that time,” said Mary.

To apply or learn more about Study Abroad and American College of Greece, go to and click “Apply Now.” For more information about ACG, visit or contact Mary Diamantidis at



Heritage Greece students depart from Washington D.C. COURTESY PHOTO

Students gathered in Washington D.C. to attend the National Hellenic Society‘s signature program Heritage Greece in June. The program offers them the opportunity to explore Greek heritage, culture and identity with a peer group of students from the U.S. and Greece. The students are hosted at the American College of Greece‘s residence facility in the suburb of Aghia Paraskevi. More details on this once-in-a-lifetime experience in the August HJ.


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